Profile analysis

At NewRoadz, quality has the highest priority in our process. This means that in collaboration with our client we try to find the best possible match. This includes personal and professional characteristics, competencies and attributes. But the real quality can be found on a deeper level. This is why we look to behavior and communication styles of the organization and the team. This creates the profile that starts the search of the perfect candidate.

Search phase

That search happens in many locations, like our own unique database and our extensive network. We also use multiple online platforms and databases. We also use targeted online advertisement in collaboration with our marketing partner.
The search continues until we have found the right candidate, and only the best is good enough.

Selection phase

After a preselection on requirements (education, knowledge and experience) we invite candidates for a personal exploratory conversation. Following this, the candidate will do the test for a DISC analysis, which is about communication and behavior (our consultants are certified by DISC Factor). When we decide there is a potential match, we introduce the candidates to our client so a meeting can be set. It is possible to have the candidates do a professional assessment. For this process we have a network of certified NIP psychologists who can assess on competencies and characteristics.


When the organization decides to hire a candidate, we will check references. After this the contract of employment can be signed! In the next months we will keep in touch with both the client and the candidate to see how the collaboration is going.

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