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In 2017 we wrote a book about our method: We Identify Winners. But what does that mean?


When we collaborate with a client we can only start once there is a ‘we’ between us. The foundation in this principle is trust. Collaboration does not work without trust, but with it you thrive. It allows us to look further than a simple vacancy. It clarifies the culture of a company, and what their business is actually about. Who does what, when and where? What are the values that need to match with your future employee?


Identifying candidates is our core business. But we also need to identify the right companies for our candidates. In the end it’s about who you are. Who you want to be. What do you need to be appreciated for? In your job, in your home and family, in society. Finding someone with the right competencies is important. But finding someone with the right character and personality, fitting with the culture of the organization. That’s what it’s all about!


When are you a winner? When you think you are the best? “Winners have a plan, losers have excuses” is a quote that we relate to. We feel that winners are the ones who don’t give up when it gets tough: they want to learn, grow and evolve. When talking to professionals we will always look at how proactive they are and willingness to develop their (technical and soft) skills. It does not matter what your place is in the organization. You are a winner when you do what you promise, take responsibility, go for more than you own gain and can be a serving leader. Those who take charge of their personal development, can be vulnerable and honest and ask for feedback. Those who want to learn, grow and evolve make themselves winners. It’s this type of people we love to have a cup of coffee with and connect.

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At NewRoadz it’s about the power of collaboration caused by shared identity and passion. We find it important and fun to share our tested and tried experiences and theories. This happens in personal conversations (contact us[link]) but you can also find them in our book: We Identify Winners. A book full of valued knowledge that we are proud of and has received positive responses.

Curious about our book? We would love to send you one. Disclaimer: our book is currently only available in Dutch.


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