NewRoadz International was established in 2022 when one of our clients came with the idea to internationalize NewRoadz. He saw an opportunity because of our unique position in the business of transportation and logistics.

Our Unique Selling Points

As NewRoadz International we are close with the organizations we work with en focus on developing dedicated Human Capital. This is the best Return on Investment for companies in the long term. We have or will find the best candidates, advice, connections and proposals for the job and the future of your organization. It’s in our DNA: “we do what we say and say what we do”. And what we do is deliver beyond expectations. We are pragmatic, innovative, flexible and deliver with speed. We have a unique mix of international specialists for ambitious companies who are (or want to) make a difference in the transportation and logistics industry.

Our process

We offer ‘one stop shop’ solutions for companies. Included but not limited to outsourcing, interim management, training and short term solutions while you find your new investor or owner.

Speak and eat local, think and understand global

NewRoadz International offers customized solutions for you and your organization. Our team members are Business leaders and Specialists. They have proven track records in all departments and processes in International Senior Management, Sales, Finance, Purchase/planning positions and D&I and ESG implementations.

When it comes to market knowledge & value creation we have a local focus. With resilience, flexibility and adaptation levels, Human Capital Developments and ROI’s (incl ESG and D&I) we have an international focus. We focus on new roads and integrate value by following new trends and developments. Together we deliver results and create “Impact and Winners” and develop leaders & leadership in your business.